Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Springtime in the South

If I had to chose between Spring and Fall, I'm not sure what my answer would be.

During the Fall the hot summer temps begin to drop and the nip in the air ushers in the beauty of the Fall. The mountains come alive with the vibrant color of foliage.

People from all over visit our mountains during this time of year.

On the other side of Fall, the bitter cold temps of Winter are anxiously awaiting.

In the Springtime everything that died during the Fall and the Winter months miraculously comes back to life with bursts of color that brings a colorful sweetness to the landscape.

The beautiful colors of the flowers and trees are breathtaking.  Pink and White Dogwoods, Pear trees along with the Redbud trees are on every corner.

Pear Blossoms.

On the other side of Spring is the hot days of summer.

We have four distinct Seasons in my little corner of the world. Each bringing their own beauty in their own special way.

If I must choose one or the other for my fav, it would be the Fall - but only by only a few points.

Please enjoy my Spring photos from the beauty of the South.

Beautiful daffodils and hyacinth. I don't know the name of the three other flowers. 
I just know they are awesome. 

I love wisteria but it can quickly get out of control - sorta like I do!

There is just "something" about the tulips.

A White Dogwood and a Pink Dogwood.

Pink Dogwood blossoms.

A beautiful white Dogwood.

 White Dogwood blossoms.

A Redbud and a White Dogwood Tree.

The Redbud blossoms are the cutest.

My own cherry tree. It blooms beautiful pink blossoms for a few short weeks each Spring. 

A perfect blossom.

The blossoms only stick around for a few weeks. The green leaves take over and the blossoms fall to the ground. It reminds me of cupcake sprinkles. I had nothing to do with the beauty of this tree. It came with my house!

Each year many people stop to photograph my tree. On Easter Sunday an entire family, dressed in their Easter best exited their car and posed in front of my tree. The family brought along their own photographer. 

It is a joy to see how others enjoy the beauty of the Spring as I do. Each time a car stops in front of my house to take photos with my tree, it brings a smile to my face.

I will leave you with this precious Robin's nest full of eggs. It is so sweet and beautiful. 
My cousin, Mandolyn took this photo. She will enjoy watching those baby birdies grow this summer.

I hope you are having a happy Spring. I am and I am happy I survived the "below zero" temps of Winter!



  1. Beautiful pictures of the flowers Donna. I agree with you about the "something" with tulips. I am glad you are enjoying Spring and I love fall when, it is football time in Tennessee :)

    1. Thank you Katie! I am really enjoying the Spring this year after living though those below zero temps. I am very happy it finally arrived!

  2. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing them <3 ~ Anna