H-E-L-L-O and welcome to my CRAZY world! 

I try to live “The Sweet” life everyday but occasionally “The Sassy” creeps in and I get a bit out of control.  I try to stay away from “The Blur” but it happens to the best of us because it’s just the way life rolls.  

I try to make the best of situations with hopes that tomorrow will be a little sweeter and a bit more sassy.  Just no blurs, please.

I didn’t learn to cook “real” food until I was 40 but I learned to bake before I learned to walk.  


In my real life I am a Corporate Controller who is recovering from a massive back surgery.  I may or may not recover fully - I am still "waiting."

I live in the beautiful mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee along with the hubster and my two boyz.

I love to talk about cake, photography, my boyz, traveling, decorating, sewing, creating, yard sales and antiquing.  It doesn’t stop there but I will stop talking for now.

This is a new day.

It’s just the way life rolls…

I would love to hear from you!  Email me at Eagles3602@aol.com.  And yes, I know, it is time for a grown-up email address.  Maybe later.

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