Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seashell Cake

Are you like totally over the cold, wet Winter yet?

I am.

Seems like this Winter has been unpredictable is many ways. Warm sunshine, below zero temps, massive snow, lots of rain and even thunderstorms. Crazy.

I was excited when my sister requested a beach themed birthday party this year. She said she is over the cold and the snow and ready for Spring. 

I can relate. So am I.

I decided to make her a seashell/ocean cake. There was only one problem. I have never made fondant seashells before and in my town, I just can't go out and buy seashell molds.

I read up on it a bit and decided that I would have to make the Wilton "Seashells Candy Mold" work for me - if I wanted to make the cake I had visioned. Candy molds and fondant are not the best friends. 

Once I placed the fondant into the mold, I had to freeze it for a few minutes. When I took it out, I banged the mold on the counter and the shells popped out.

During the process of the loud banging, I cracked my mold. See, I told you candy molds and fondant don't get along too well.

Somehow it worked out and I managed to make enough shells for the cake. 

I made them in pastel shades of purple, pink and white. I dusted them with color dust and shimmer dust.

I wanted some sort of a common denominator for the shells so they would look more like a group and blend together. I used gold luster dust mixed with some vodka to make a paint. I painted each shell with the gold paint - some more than others.

The starfish was a little too thick to I manipulated it a bit to make it larger and a little more flat. I used a sewing tracing wheel to give it more character.

I covered the bottom tier with fondant made into the shape of ocean waves.  I didn't measure the waves. I just cut the size that I thought would fit into the one I had previously applied. I used sugar glue to attache the waves. In order to for the top of the waves to hold their shape, I used dots of sugar glue in random areas.

The colors of the waves are actually ombre. To be honest, I have never done well with the ombre craze. I can't seem to get the coloring just right. There is a bit more ombre than the picture shows but still, it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

I marbled some deep blue fondant with the sea foam green for the cake board in order to represent the deep blue Caribbean ocean waters. I want to be in the Caribbean - right now!

I tried several different ribbon colors on the cake board - pink, blue, purple and different shades of green. The one that looked the best was the pink ribbon until I tried the brown. Brown made the "pop" and gave it more of an earthy feel I wanted to achieve.

I used molds from "First Impression Molds" to make the rope border and the pearls. There is not banging and beating involved with those molds - for the most part the fondant is easily removed.

After making this cake, I am so ready for the Spring and all the beauty that accompanies it. Spring brings the perfect temps too just like the Fall. 

I hope it won't be too long but I keep hearing more "snow" talk. Nooooooooo!

Have you ever made a seashell or beach type of cake? I would love to see yours.

The sun is shinning so I think it is time to go outside and play….

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