Friday, March 29, 2013

A Visit to Nashville's Sweet Wise

I recently had the opportunity to visit Sweet Wise.  We celebrated my birthday with a weekend at the Gaylord Opryland hotel in Nashville.  Sweet Wise was located just across the street from the mega hotel.

It sorta seems like I had it all planned out, doesn't it?  I will never tell but I will say I had a list made out of all the cake toys I wanted.   They had everything on my list except two items.  YAY!

The sweet manager of Sweet Wise allowed me to take some photos of the store to share with you and my YUMMY-O Cake Company "CAKIES." Thank you Sweet Wise!  The photos turned out great and I am super excited to share them with you.

The yellow sign is the entrance to the classroom and video studio.  
The blue sign is the entrance to the store.

When I first walked in the door I immediately notice a few cakes sitting around....
fitting for a cake supply store, don't you think?

Then I turned around and there were massive amounts of Fondx fondant.
Plain white vanilla fondant.

Fondx Elite fondant and...

pre-colored fondant.  Lots and lots of fondant.

Look at all the pretty buttercream colors....

and we can't forget the CHOCOLATE!

 A beautiful array of candy pearls, 

sanding sugars, non-pareils, jimmies, sprinkles, different colors, shapes and sizes.  
This section got my heart pumping!  I made a purchase. 

Rows and rows of ribbon cake bling.  Sparkle. Sparkle.

Tiny bottles of airbrush colors.

Huge bottle of airbrush colors.

Vanilla beans, vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste.  An assortment of other extracts, meringue powders, icing fruits, confectioner's glaze and many other essentials for successful cake making.  
I totally missed the confectioner's glaze until I looked at the photo.  I needed that.  Dang.

Huge assortment of silicone molds. I purchased three of these.

Cookie cutters, stencils and impression mats.  
I purchased a few of each...sssssshhh.

Lollipop sticks.  In bulk.  Just imagine if all of these were cake pops.  

Cardboard cake circles.  The little one standing up was 8" round.  I did that so you could see how large the others were.  I guess if you make a big cake, you need a big cake circle. 

Tiny gold foil cake circles.  The smallest one in this photo was only 3" in diameter.

Cardboard cake squares.

Hundreds of wooden cake boards.  The little circle standing up in the "square section" was only 8" round.  That puts it all into perspective with those really big boards.  HUGE!

Cake drums.

Cake boxes.

Styrofoam cake dummies in all shapes and sizes.

The Sweet Wise training facility.  

The Sweet Wise video booth.  Just in case you don't know, Sweet Wise has a nice assortment of some great free videos on various topics.  Check them out at  
You may just learn something you didn't know!

Display cakes in the classroom.  These were made using the styrofoam cake dummies.

A gumpaste shoe.

A pretty little corset cake.

Burning building cake.

A beautiful white cake with some impressive piping.  This one may be my fav.  
I wonder what the finished cake will look like?  Beautiful, I'm sure.

And with the beautiful white cake
with the impressive's a wrap.

But wait....this is a photo of my sweet husband sitting patiently in the car while I was in Sweet Wise.
When I was finished he came in and paid and carried my bags to the car.
Major sweet.
LOVE him.

Thank you for visiting Sweet Wise with me.  Have you ever visited?

By the way, have you had a "sweet treat" today?
You should. Always.



  1. Great Tour! Nice wedding Cake...Lol Your Hubby In The Car Was Priceless.

  2. Thanks for visiting A Mitch! Yes, gotta love the hubster :)