Monday, March 10, 2014

Lady Bug 1st Birthday Party

I am excited to share Madison's 1st "lady bug" birthday party with you!

I get just a wee-bit excited when I get to be involved in 1st birthday parties. I have yet to see one that is not a 10+ on the cuteness scale.

This one is no exception.

It is all about lady bugs today. It is no secret that lady bugs are cute but when you add the cuteness of a one-year-old, the cuteness goes off the charts.

When I walked into the venue, lady bug mania was on "go!" The black and red bold colors made the entire room scream "LADY BUGS ROCK!"

Come on people, let's check this party out!

Meet "Madison" the birthday girl!

Welcome to the party. 

An entire basket full of cute lady bugs. 

It took Madison's mommy two days to hand-paint and transform fifty baby food jars into these cute lady bugs favors.

The lady bug cake is a vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream. I made the lady bug in the 6" ball pan and carved it a bit to make the lady bug shape. I applied a small amount of buttercream to the lady bug and then covered it with red fondant. The lady bug face is a black fondant disk. The antenna's are spaghetti covered with fondant.

The lady bug is indeed smiling at you! The photo detail just didn't happen for me this time so just "imagine" a big happy lady bug smile.

Let's take a closer look.

Can you see that sweet smile?

The tiny smash cake is covered with lots of ruffles and tiny flowers.

Madison's mommy supplied the cupcakes. Notice those cute lady bug toppers!

The candy bar was fully stocked with red and black. Red M&M's and licorice sticks, tootsie rolls and chocolate covered raisins. Small black & white polka dot candy cups were waiting to be filled with the candy treasures. 

I love the Dum Dums bouquet!  No denying a one-year-old a Dum Dum.

A daisy bouquet, hand painted lady bug rocks and a cute picture of Madison was used as a center piece on each table. 

The adorable photo banner. So special watching Madison "grow" before your eyes. 

Adorableness at it's finest.

Balloon bouquets were everywhere!

The guest of honor's special chair and her adorable lady bug head band.

Are you in love with lady bugs like I am now? I thought so. My birthday is coming up and I wouldn't mind having a lady bug party for myself. 

Crazy. I know, I know.

The best way to keep from getting too old is to stay young by doing silly things, right? Yep. Do it just because you like it. And because it's fun and crazy!

This the is super cute Madison. Her mommy so sweet to provide the very special picture!

Kudos to Madison's mommy and her creativity for designing the adorable lady bug party. 

Have you designed a 1st birthday party? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Owen's first birthday was a SPORTS theme. It was all about footballs, baseballs and basketballs. It was a blast to plan and buy all that fun sports stuff. My sister even made baseball cookie pops...yum! James and I learned that Owen for sure has my sweet tooth as he could not get enough of his smash cake. It was such a fun day :)

    1. HI Katie, it sounds like Owen't birthday was a blast! I can only imagine how cute the sports ball theme was! Too funny about the smash cake - Zoe was the same way. She ate "almost" the entire thing. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What an adorable cake, party and little girl!!!

    1. Thank you Judy! 1st birthdays are so much fun to see - they are so cute at that age :)