Monday, November 4, 2013

The Beauty of the Fall

Today I told "The Poodle" that he was a porker.  Yes, I did that.  He didn't care. Then I said to him, "You are going to go on a diet. End of story."  It didn't faze him.

He immediately wanted to go for a walk. We did. Exercise, you know.

It is easy to put your dog on a diet.  Put me on a diet? Not so much.

I start a diet every, single day.  But then somewhere along the way, something happens.

Not sure exactly what but it just doesn't work out very well for me.

The Poodle?  I can make it happen.  Easy peasey to put your dog on a diet.

As The Poodle ponders his diet, ummmm exercise, we will enjoy some Fall color.

The awesome Fall shots I had in my mind - didn't happen.  Sorta like the diet thing.

October was crazy "weather wise." Normally, October weather is just right - a bit cool but not real cold.

The first two weeks was in the 80's. Hot. No rain. The third week went to freezing.  The 20's.  The last week of the month was just right. Cooler and a bit of rain.

The day after the rain many of the trees went from brown to red.  It was beautiful. Suddenly we had beautiful color.

I had been waiting and waiting for the perfect day so I could share the beauty of my land with you.

The day after the rain we has massive winds.  The wind stole about half of the leaves.

Was not meant to be.

By the time all the weather drama was over, we had lots of yellow and not much reds on slightly naked trees.

No beautiful lake shots as I had planned.  I managed to get a few mountain shots with full color.

By the way, this past weekend was the time "we fall back."  I am one who is all about change but not this "springing forward" and "falling back" kinda change.

For the next week I will be hearing...and saying, "Oh, it is 1 o'clock but it is really 12."  Or, "Why am I so hungry at 5 o'clock today.  Oh yes, it is really 6 o'clock."

I got up at 7 a.m. on Sunday and for once the boyz were not all about their food.  Duuuuhhhhh, it was really 6 o'clock.

Oh, wait, maybe it was really 8 o'clock.

I am confused now.  Maybe the boyz were confused too.  Especially, if it was 8 o'clock.

Confusion drama will continue for the coming week.

See, I told you - lots of yellow this year.  Still pretty but would be more beautiful with a little red in the mixture.

Yellow. Yellow.

I think I know why The Poodle put on a few extra pounds.  We were leaving for vacation and I wanted to make sure the live-in sitter had plenty of food for my sweet boyz.  I picked up a few extra cans just to make sure. The hubster always buys the food for the boyz. 

The sitter didn't use the food I purchased. They had plenty that week.  

Once we starting using the new stuff, I noticed that Yo-Yo wasn't finishing his breakfast.  This went on several days. It was odd because he would eat most of his dinner, which is dry food with a little cheese - no wet food.  The day before I was going to call the vet we finally discovered the issue.  

I had purchased the wrong food.  

Same brand but the "texture" was all wrong.  

Get out.  Yo-Yo just couldn't do the new texture.

He lost a few pounds that week.  He is buff now.

A few times we told The Poodle that he could eat Yo-Yo's left-overs.  He had no problems with the texture. Then he thought it was always allowed.    

The Poodle put on a few pounds that week.  It is my fault he is a porker today.

He was borderline porker before.

His diet will begin tonight at dinner.  See, another thing you can do with your dog.  You can start their diet anytime.  When I start a diet, I always give myself a few days to eat some junk before it begins.

You know the story.

I felt terrible when I realized that "I" was the reason Yo-Yo couldn't eat his breakfast and lost weight.

I tried my best make it up to him.  He was fine.  Dogs are forgiving machines, I tell you.

The "Hens & Chickens" getting their red on.

Watauga Lake on the edge of Fall.  No leaf color here and from what I have heard, the vibrant color was more dull this year.

That weather thing, you know.

Before I leave you please meet "Porker The Poodle!"  Notice those fat rolls.  This will serve as his "before" photo.  I will get back to you on his success.

A watermelon with legs?  We don't want that.  No sir-ree.  We like buff.

Don't ask me to get back to you on my success.  I won't be doing that.

Meet he new "buffed-out" Yo-Yo.  He is choosing a toy.  Toys get complicated sometimes.

In the meantime, enjoy the new light or the new dark -whatever you like.  And being screwed up for the next week or so.

I am starving and it is only 5 o'clock.  Or is it really 4 o'clock, maybe.....6 o'clock?

Thanks for stopping by.

By the way, you can check out my Fall sunrise and sunset photos here.

Happy Fall!



  1. I love these pictures! You seem to have caught the colors at just the right time. I love taking pictures of nature too but not as a business, Just the enjoyment of the beauty in nature and saving it onto a piece of paper called a photo. I've got some really neat ones but I don't share them on Facebook. yet. I don't have time or rather, take the time to plan an outing to just take pictures of things. I find many pictures around the grounds of my home and farm. Keep up the pleasant times of finding beauty in nature.

    1. Hi Donna, You don't know me except by my name, from your sweet mom, Sandra. I worked for her at her store and really like her as a personal friend since meeting her years ago. She is a genuine woman and easy to get to know and like as a woman of God and a friend. I miss seeing her but get to see her here on facebook. The comment above is from me. You are doing what I should have done with my love of art in pictures, making money, I will assume, and enjoying what you do because you see beauty everywhere as I do. I like taking pictures of antique farm equipment and barns. I like any nature picture I can capture. I'll tell you about a picture I took a few weeks ago of a tree that is bare of leaves and just waiting to lose it's ground as time goes by year after year with no growth. That said, I will tell you why I love it. It has a purpose in it's seasons passing with out beauty except for the art in the way it's limbs are shaped perfectly. I even love trees that have lost their youth as well. This tree and many others have a purpose. This tree is used by a flock of blackbirds for a gathering place. They perch on the limbs making it look as if it has leaves all over it as they communicate with the beautiful sounds they make while resting there. I just had to get my camera and take a picture of it at one of the times it was covered with "leaves" of birds. It is just awesome at the beauty one can find in God's earth painted art He gives us to be awe stricken with that beauty. Some people view these things I speak of as just a part their surroundings but I see beauty in all things. You are seeing all of the beauty as I do and it is just a pleasure to see all you are capturing in your photos! Keep up the good work and keep posting those pictures. There are so many people who never see the beauty we see in these mountains or anywhere in the world. You are giving them a chance they may never get in their life time to see these things. MEM

    2. Thank you so much for your sweet words about The Mommy! I have to agree she is super special.

      So humbling that you appreciate the beauty I capture with my photos. Thank you. Keep in mind, I am not a professional photographer, by no means. It is strictly a hobby that I have enjoyed since 1976 when I purchased my first camera at age 15. I have never sold any of my photos.

      I would love to see the photo of your tree filled with the birds. I can only imagine how unique that would be. If you ever have time, please email it to me at

      Have a beautiful day :)

  2. Thank you! You said it best, "Just the enjoyment of the beauty in nature and saving it onto a piece of paper." I am definitely no pro - just love the beauty also.