Friday, January 3, 2014

Not All “Lost Dog Stories” End Badly for the Dog!

I love dogs.

I believe, with all my heart, the closest thing to God’s love on this earth is found in a dog. They love us unconditionally – just like God does.

With the uprising of social media, I see posts to "help find lost dogs" on a weekly basis.

It totally breaks my heart.

Over the years, the hubster and I have found several lost dogs and successfully returned them to their owner - without the help of Facebook or any other social media outlet.

I am a big weenie when it comes to any kind of lost pets, abused pets, chained pets, etc. I can’t dwell on that kind of thing because it totally messes with my mind.

For example, few years ago, I was visiting a friend whom I hadn’t seen in many years. They had a new puppy. As a child opened the storm door to go outside, the puppy also wanted to go out. The puppy didn’t make it. The door closed on the little puppies leg. The puppy cried out in excruciating pain.

I tell you this because, still today, I have spent many nightmare filled and sleepless nights remembering this same puppy. I have never forgotten that cry for help from that one little puppy.

This was not abuse by no means. It was an accident and the puppy was fine after a little TLC.

I pray daily for the two lost dogs in my city. I have looked for them. My car is armed with a leash, doggie treats and a blankie - just in case I have the honor of finding them and returning them to their heart-broken parents.

In the meantime, I give my own "found" boyz a little bit more love knowing that I am not exempt from this type of tragedy.

The reason for this post is because not all “lost dog stories” end badly for the dog.

I know this because I live with two “found” dogs. Both of my boyz were lost dogs at one time.

This was back in the day before the explosive social media took hold. Flyers, the animal shelters and newspaper ads were about the only means for advertising that your dog was lost.

We never found the past owners of our boyz. There were no signs or no newspaper ads. It appeared as if no one was looking for them.

Being the big softies we are, we welcomed them into our home and they quickly became part of our family.

If I were the past owner of either of my "found" boyz, my heart would still be shattered after 10+ years.  I would never heal from such a traumatic loss of a pet.

I say, “if I were in this/that situation, I would” very lightly. No one knows exactly what we would do in any given situation – we can only give our best guess. 

Until we have walked the same path as someone else, we can’t say what we would or would not absolutely do. We can’t know.

On the other hand….

If I were one of my "found" boyz, I would be doing the happy dance until the day I die because of the wonderful new home that I found.

Not all “lost dog stories” end badly for the dog.

Not my boyz' story anyway. They have been living the happy life for years - ever since we "found" them.

This is just a glimpse of how my two sweet "found" boyz live - every, single day.

They get regular exercise which is a must for every dog. I have actually hurt “myself” several times while making sure my boyz got the exercise they needed.

They have a doggie door and can go in/out of the house, as they need too. They don’t have to “hold it.”

Once we found “The Poodle” we moved to a house with a big fenced back yard – just for him. I know, I know that’s just CRAZY, but we did it. It was a good move for the boyz and for us.

They eat a little too well but they get a balanced doggie diet, along with special treats and snacks on a daily basis. One of their doctors suggested they “push back from the table” a bit! They are not fat by no means, but just like the rest of us, they could stand to loose a few pounds.

They have never spent one night being “boarded” in a kennel. They have a live-in dog sitter, which they love and who loves them.

They take preventative heartworm meds monthly

They are not over-vaccinated.

They go on vacation.

They get to do group sleep.

They have warm, cozy beds to sleep in every night. They have warm, cozy day beds for daytime lounging. 

They get regular baths and grooming.

They get regular check-ups from Dr. Edwards at Robinson Animal Hospital.

Lets talk about doggie doctors for a moment. I lived in Orlando for 20 years and had the best doggie doctor on the planet. Once I moved to Tennessee, I had to find a new “best doggie doctor on the planet.”

Not an easy task.

I can honestly say that it took me 10 years to find “the doctor.” Yep. I am just that picky when it comes to my boyz.

Although all the doctors were good, the “x-factor” was missing. That deep down feeling you get when you “just know.” Dr. Edwards has the “x-factor.” She totally “gets” my boyz and she totally “gets” me.

The Poodle had to have several medication adjustments for arthritis in his front leg.

People, I am talking – many, many phone calls – from moi. Enough to drive any doctor crazy. But you know what? The good doctor has worked with me every step of the way and we have finally found the right combination of meds for The Poodle. He is doing very well now.

So yeah, my "found" boyz get excellent health care.

The receive lots of Christmas presents.

They get more love and belly rubs and back rubs that you can ever imagine.

They get their faces washed and the gunk cleaned out of their eyes every day.

They are happy boyz.

Since I have had the pleasure of being the mommy of my boyz for many years, Joe has never left the yard or ran off.

The Poodle has.

Once he ripped his thick leather collar in two and took off with four (loose) golden retrievers up the side of the mountain. 

This happened less than a year after we found him. The hubster immediately left work to help me find him. He came back home on his own in less than an hour.

On another occasion, a section of our 6’ high privacy fence fell after a bad storm with high winds. Can you imagine how shocked I was to look out the front door and see The Poodle standing on the other side? Thank goodness he did not run off.

I truly believe that when you take in a lost dog or stray dog, they appreciate what they have because of where they have been and/or what they have endured. I am sure that both my boyz spent many nights out in the weather with no water of food before we found them.

I have often pondered what I would do if the original owner of either one of my boyz surfaced. That would be a tough call after all these years. Again, I can’t say for sure what I would/would not do but I can’t see it going down without a major fight.

I would never give up my "found" boyz - no matter what. That, I am certain.

I don’t know what I would I do should either of my boyz ever go missing and I was unable to find them. Besides having a broken heart for the rest of my life, I would pray that God would give me peace of knowing that they have found another wonderful home.

Just like my two "found" boyz have.

I have several friends who have dogs and cats who are living the sweet life because someone "found" them and took them in. 

Not "All Lost Dog Stories" End Badly for the Dog.

If you would like to know more about my boyz, you can find it in their own blog post here.

Jake, a few hours after he was found - resting!
As I was writing this post today, I received a text/photo from Jake’s mommy – HE HAS BEEN FOUND AND HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH HIS FAMILY!!! Jake spent five days in freezing temps and rain but managed to survive. He has been checked out by Dr. Edwards and is in good condition for a 16-year-old boy!
Meet Beautiful Remy - she is still missing.
“Remy” is still missing. Her mommy is heart-broken and her city wide search continues. If you have a moment, please remember Remy and her mommy in your prayers. I hope one day that I will be able to tell you that "Remy has been found."

Remy's Contact Info

If you happen to see a dog that looks like he/she is lost, please take a moment to call the local animal shelter. This is the first place most people call when their dog is missing. And they will continue to have communication with the shelter until their beloved pet has been found.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! 

Are you the proud parent of a "found" dog? I would love to hear about it.

UPDATE: I received this beautiful collage of another found "Jake." Jake is Lacey's dog and was "found" 4 year ago. The words in the caption are hers. Thanks for sharing with everyone, Lacey!

"This is awesome! Thank you for sharing and for the love you have for these amazing friends. This is my found boy, Jake. He has made me a better person over the past 4 years and I am blessed and grateful that he found me!" (Lacey S.)

Until next time,


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing and for the love you have for these amazing friends. My my "found" boy is Jake. He has made me a better person over the past 4 years and I am blessed and grateful that he found me!

    1. Since we were unable to post the photos of another "found" Jake in the comments section, I updated the original post to include him. He is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Lacey!