Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Hello" from my Furry Boyz

Guess what?  "Today" is the day!

A special day that I will let you meet my boyz. Exciting stuff happening here.

Since we have been friends for a while, I think I it is time. You know, sorta like you don't introduce your new boyfriend to the folks until you are sure if you like him?  

I had to be sure I that liked you. I like you. Very much.

They wanted to introduce themselves to you. They were worried that I would leave out how the special details.  

Are you ready?

Here we go....hold on....

"Hello, I’m Joe, aka "Joe Joe," “Yo-Yo.” I answer to any of them. I mean, like, there could be food involved.

I am a Blue Heeler/Jack Russell mixed breed, which means I am the smartest boy in the house. I weigh in at 45lbs and I may or may not be 13-14 years old. We don't know.

The Daddy found me at his office in North Carolina and gave me a home. 

I am a foodie. My eating schedule is very, very important. When Daddy and I were bachelors, I had no schedule.  When I moved in with The Mommy she put me on a strict schedule straight away. I like schedules.

When my food is late, I do the "flamingo." I lift up my front leg and I blow. They know I mean business then. I hate it when dinner is late.

I always follow the rules.

I am addicted to cheese. I am a cheese-a-holic. If I don't get some everyday, I will melt down. I am not proud of this but it is just the way it is.

I am a perfect walker. The Mommy used to sing to me during our walks before The Poodle came.  I have my own song. 

I had to teach The Poodle to play tug-of-war. He didn't know how to play this when he came to live with us. He is almost as good as I am now. I let him win sometimes.

I don't like it if The Poodle gets in my spot on the lounge. Other than that, I am cool. 

I didn't know how to drink "BIG" water until The Poodle came to live with us. Now I drink "BIG" water too.

I didn't know how to "lick" before The Poodle came. I lick everyone now.

I would never chase a ball. It is beneath me. I love to "herd" The Poodle when he chases the stupid ball. I "get" him every time.

I play hide-and-go-seek. 

I can live alone or with another boy. Doesn't matter to me but I like a lot of attention.

I had to get my teeth cleaned this year. I had a few extractions too. This is me a few hours later. The Mommy made special arrangements for me to come home right after surgery. She would have cried if I had to stay in a cage all day. She is so sensitive but I am a tough guy.

The Mommy bought a bark-a-lounger for The Poodle because he got arthritis. She bought me a new little bed too. I stole the bark-a-lounger from The Poodle. I didn't mean to, I promise.

My "happy tail" can go really, really fast.

This is me "back in the day." I was, and still am, the fastest dog in the land.

Nice to meet you and welcome to my my world."

Up next, The Poodle...

"BIG licks & kisses to you, my new friend! I am Max, aka “The Poodle.” I have that nickname because when The Daddy found me, I wanted to sit on his lap and The Mommy's lap. I still like to sit on laps, even though I weigh in at 90lbs. 

I may or may not be 11-12 years old. The Daddy found me at his office in Tennessee and gave me a home. 

I am a yellow lab – not to difficult to figure out. 

I eat to live – I am not a foodie like Yo-Yo. 

At home, I follow all the rules. I don’t mind if Yo-Yo makes it to the lounge before I do. I will wait my turn.

I do have the ability to go spastic on the walks sometimes and it’s not pretty. So much so we had to buy a new house all because of me. One day, I will tell you my story.

I drink "BIG" water. Almost a gallon a day. I love water. Yo-Yo didn't know tasty water was until I came to live with him. I "amaze" people with my water drinking abilities. I think it is funny!

I kiss everyone.

I didn't know how to play tug-of-war until Yo-Yo taught me. He still wins most of the time but I am gaining on him.

I love to chase the tennis ball. 

I enjoy getting my face washed everyday. That is cool.

I love to show off my "happy tail."

I have separation anxiety. I know that's a weenie kinda thing but we are all honest here, right? Since I have gotten older, I am afraid of thunder and lightening.  So much so I can keep the folks up all night long. I take doggie drugs for that but they don't really help.

I have arthritis in my front right leg joint. I take drugs for that too. Sometime I walk with a limp. The Mommy gives me massages sometimes. 

When The Mommy gets out her yoga mat, I jump right on it. Sometimes she has to put me up because I can get rowdy when she is on the floor. I just want to play but she is afraid I will fall on her. I am big, you know!

I do a great "belly sleigh in the snow."

I patrol the back yard too. No squirrels or rabbits allowed.

This is me "back in the day." I was so hot. "Buff" is saying it mildly. 

I am happy to meet you. I love everyone."

"We patrol the street. No one is allowed on our street. Especially the 92-year-old man in the black hat, the big black German shepherd and absolutely no cats. 

But you are welcomed in our home. We love visitors.

We snooze after walking and after eating. Life is good. 

Toys are serious business for us. We get new ones almost every week. 

We sleep with our toys sometimes.

We love everyone - especially the babies...

...and especially The Daddy who rescued us!

The Mommy loves us too. When she leaves the house she always tells us where she is going and the time she will return - so we won't worry about her.

When she comes home we get to do "love time."

She always says, "Good morning" to us.

She takes us on big walks every day. We don't walk in the rain but we walk in the sprinkles.

It has been crazy fun meeting you!"

And with's a wrap, people....

Hug your furry ones today. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a furry boy.



  1. I love this! Your dogs are really sweet. I like the way you wrote the story as if they were the ones telling it. What a unique way to tell about your pets!
    I have two dogs, or should I say, they have me. I belong to them and the little man thinks I am his person and everyone including humans have to keep their distance from me.
    Sassy will be eighteen in the spring sometime. She is the old lady of the house. She is part mini Schnauzer and what ever the daddy was. She picked me out when she was a puppy and I fell in love with her. Buddy was given to me by my daughter who hates him because he bit my granddaughter Grace when she grabbed him and the corn dog stick. He is a greedy little man and he got a bruising from my daughter for biting. She still hates him even though he did the deed when he was but a pup, which is no excuse for him. "MEM"

  2. Thanks MEM. Yeah, my boyz are totally sweet! I watch my dogs closely around children and try to teach them what is and is not acceptable behavior - both the dogs and the children. I have had dogs in the past that grew up without being around children and because of that, I kept them far away when children would visit. It is not worth the risk. Thank you for stopping by!