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"Cute as a Button" Birthday Party

monday, october 28, 2013

"cute as a button" birthday party

I love being a part of 1st birthday parties so when I was asked to make Khloee's "cute as a button" cake I was thrilled.

Each detail of the party design was on the cutting edge of cuteness.

Khloee definitely lived up to the theme of her party.

Her cuteness factor is off the charts.

The color scheme consisted of many colors in cheery, happy tones.

Buttons, burlap and chevron adorned everything.

The center pieces consisted of colored burlap, super cute framed photographs of the adorable Khloee and of course, lots of buttons.

The cake was chocolate and vanilla tiers filled and covered with vanilla buttercream.  Chocolate candy pearls were added to create additional cuteness. The cake board was covered with pink fondant and sprinkled with edible glitter.  

Khloee is wearing a chevron printed top in the cute photo on the cake table which fit in perfectly with the party design.

Rice krispie treats were individually bagged and tied with curled ribbons along with chevron ribbons.

Candy corn, sweet tarts, bubble gum and gummy bears were on the candy buffet along with colorful, framed chalkboard tags.  The picture of Khloee on the right may be my favorite.


Party favors were dressed in pink and green and tied with bandanna ribbons.  How cute are those ribbons!

A cute "leave a message" for Khloee station was complete with papers and markers.

And this personalized button message board. A great idea.

Khloee's little smash cake sat on a ruffled cake stand on top of a wooden crate which was covered with pink feathers.

The cake stand was a large jar type container full of thousands of buttons.

Delicate and little girly. And cute, of course.

The cupcake flavors were chocolate and vanilla.  They were topped with vanilla buttercream rosettes and lots of buttons and chocolate pearls. 

The "guest of honor's" special chair was adorned with a vintage, colorful "tray skirt" that her mother handmade.  A sparkly handmade gift tag hung from the side.  There was no mistaking as to whom the cute button was.

The gift tag also represented to me that Khloee was the most precious gift that her parents have ever received.  Just how sweet and cute it that.

I made approximately 175 fondant buttons for the cake and cupcakes.  I used 125 of the buttons and left the extra ones for additional edible decorations.

The bottom tier of the cake was 8" round and only 3" tall with only one layer of filling. The 6" tier was over 5" tall with four layers of filling.

I had originally planned to make the cake in a "mini tier" size because of the small buttons but I changed my mind at the last minute and re-made the cakes in different sizes.  I think the new design worked out perfectly with the taller top tier to showcase all of those tiny buttons.

Along with all the cake, candies and treats, the lunch spread was just as plentiful.  

Khloee's great uncle prepared his famous smoked barbecue pork.  There were also baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad. Mounds of chicken nuggets for the little ones along with fresh veggie and fruit trays.

I was especially excited when Khloee's mom contacted me about making this cake.  It was very special to me because I made her baby shower cake just last year.  If you would like to check out the baby shower cake,  you can see it here.

My final words on Khloee's 1st birthday party is "extreme cuteness."

Happy 1st Birthday to the adorable and the cute-as-a-button, Khloee.

She certainly lives up to her title.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  I hope you find some special super cuteness along the way and remember, if you see a cute cupcake, or two or three, purchase them and eat them all.

It is Monday.  It is allowed today.


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