Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Girly Football 1st Birthday Party

I am pretty sure a secret meeting was held and I wasn't invited.

Zoe's mommy and daddy decided she would have a "football" party to celebrate her 1st birthday. It was the hubster's job to break the news to me.

When he announced that I had to asked me to make a make a football cake for our sweet Zoe's 1st birthday party, I was over-the-top excited.

I mean "football" is my entire existence. Know what I mean? Yes, I am one of those glued to the t.v., yelling so loud that I scare the neighbors and attend every football game that I possibly can - even if I don't like the teams.

Oh yeah, and I wear all that "football gear" stuff...everyday. Or is that stuff called costumes?


When I met the hubster, back in the day, I told him there was no football allowed on my t.v. His response was, "I am sorry that your t.v. is broken."

That was all well and good while we dated but when we married he came with his "own" t.v. and football was indeed allowed on that.

Little Zoe's 1st birthday cake was to be a "football."

I had no choice people. I would never deny my sweet hubster and son Zoe.

Absolutely not. If Zoe's daddy Zoe wanted to have football party for her 1st birthday party, then a football cake is is.

There was no way I was going to make just a "regular" football cake. This cake would have lace and ruffles and as much girly stuff as I could possibly get on it.

The first thing was to order the sugar veil lace kit....AND learn how to make it. The colors would be purple lace with some white lace mixed in.  The cake would be covered with chocolate ganache and a "football" sitting on top.

I think all footballs would look better with lace, don't you?  I mean, that's a no-brainer, people.

I also added pearls at every opportunity.

The cake was an 8" round, double barrel cake. It was over 8" tall with a cardboard in the middle of the tiers. The football added another 3"- 4" in height. The cake served 40.

The football was made out of krispie treats and covered with modeling chocolate for a rustic, leather look. The hubster made the football. I mean, if I had to make a football cake for Zoe's daddy Zoe, the hubster would be more than willing to help out.

I had no restrictions on the smash cake so I "let loose" with the girly touches. And no, it didn't match the theme of the party. Ooops.

Pink, lace, pearls and flowers. Could it scream any more girly?  

Mission accomplished.

I have to admit, the table looked really cute.

There was an abundance of tailgating food. Burgers, dogs, beans, chips and dip and the works.

This is the star of the show, dressed up in her Panther generic cheerleader uniform. Her mommy made the little tutu. 

I found it interesting that most of the colors for her football party were daddy's Zoe's favorite team, The Panthers. 

Her mommy's team is the Ravens. Their colors are purple.  Since Zoe's mommy's favorite color is purple and my favorite color is purple, we will "assume" the Ravens were not involved.

I know, I know, it looks suspicious but trust me. On the other hand, well....hmmmmm. 

We will let this one slide. Girls stick together, right?

According to her daddy, Zoe "loves" to watch football. Yes she does people and don't you ever forget that. Our Zoe loves her some football.

If you are believing this, then...I may have some land for you....

She is the ultimate cutie, dontcha think?!

She loves cake. There is no doubt about that. 

She ate a lot of cake - the girly smash cake. That is what you are supposed to do on your birthday, remember?  The one day of the year that eating massive amounts of cake is allowed.

I found it really interesting that she didn't eat any of the "football cake." Meh.

Wouldn't you love to rip into a cake like Zoe?  I know I would.

I wish everyday was my birthday, don't you?

Zoe's little birthday sash was pink. 

She loved all of her special gifts.


She may have loved all the shinny tissue paper even more. The "tissue paper show" was hilarious! Never know what a one-year-old will do.

Zoe lives on a horse farm. Her birthday party was at the barn.

Naturally she had to say "Hello" to the horses once the party was over. 

Everyone The boys enjoyed playing lots of football.

Just like any party, it was over waaaaaay too fast.  Daddy and Zoe went on their way to do the "bye bye birthday" tradition.  They sent the balloons into the sky as we all said the dreaded party words, "Bye bye birthday."

The birthday party was a success and Zoe loved every minute of it. 

Honesty, once I accepted the fact that I had to would make Zoe a football cake, I actually enjoyed the challenge. Just like her parents, I am not one to operate in the norm. Life is just too boring that way. It is much more fun to operate outside the limits others place on us because, well, again, it's boring. Did I say that already? 

If I ever have get the opportunity to make another girly football cake there is a few things I would change: 

1. I would make the number "1" smaller. I got a bit carried away for some reason. I have never removed/repositioned anything from chocolate ganache and didn't want to chance it at the last minute. I had to just let it be.

2. I would not refrigerate sugar veil lace. The humidity in the fridge caused the lace to go flat. The lace at the bottom of the football along with the lace on the cake board is supposed to be standing up - not lying down snoozing.

3. I would have made sure the "Z" was right side up. Ooops.

4. Since Zoe owns my heart, I would make her any cake that she wanted. Grandparents do that kinda thing. But as far as her daddy and granddaddy?  


Happy 1st birthday beautiful Zoe!

Thanks for stopping by today.

I challenge you to go and eat some cake just like Zoe. It's good for the soul.


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