Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet Me at the Farmer's Market

I love Saturday mornings and a "Saturday morning date morning" is all the better.

The hubster and I go to the farmer's market, hit up a few garage sales and enjoy nice breakfast out.

Living a simple life can be a lot of fun.

We like to get to the farmer's market early in order to get the best stuff.

Just look at all the hungry people.

The beautiful doughnut makers are the first smiles you see.

Check out those big honkin' doughnuts hanging there.  You may have to wait in a 15 minute line to get these yummy babies - the "doughnut babies," not the girls.  

You are silly.

The wait is worth every minute.

Things can get a little crazy.  People are serious about their fruits and veggies.

This guy's table is always rockin'.  We like his tomatoes the best.  He sells Cherokee Purple tomatoes, which is one of our favs.  

He is sweetheart of a guy - that's an added bonus.

Have you ever had a Cherokee Purple tomato?  What about a tomato pie?  I know, I know, it doesn't sound to appealing but I rate it right up there with lobster.  They are just that good.  I don't have the recipe posted but if you would like to have it just contact me and I will send it to you.

Lots of beautiful furry boyz.  Petting is always allowed.  This guy was a softie and check out his overwhelming beauty.

Sweet little kiddos.

Meet "The Garden Wenches."  

These pretty ladies grow all kinds of good things. 

And then...they make magic with what they have grown.

They bake it up into cookies, cupcakes, pies and breads.  

Everything they sell is just down right GOOD.  Their sweets are almost as awesome as my own.  

Well, okay, I know, we are all honest here so yeah I will say it - their sweets "are" just as good as my own "YUMMY-O's!"

There is just something so fresh and magical about farm fresh bread laced with home grown veggies. This pretty heart was delicious but I think the "ramp bread" is my far.  I am an "onion and garlic" kinda girl when it comes to "real food."

Have you ever eaten grass fed beef?  If you want some, you have to get there early or it will be gone. We are addicted to the skirt steak and the flat irons.  

Notice the blue tape?  Yep.  They were selling out by 9:30 a.m.  I know, we didn't get there "that" early.  You are so observant.

Assorted peppers.  I buy the red and yellows, slice them up and freeze them for the Winter months. Farm fresh peppers perks up most any dish.

The lovely flowers always call my name.  I have given many a good home.  I wish I could take all of them home with me.

The baby potatoes are so tender and delish that butter is not necessary. Who said that?  I am just shocked those words would come out of my mouth with the massive amounts of buttercream that I make.  Butter is always necessary.

Ooops! Looks like they both want that "big boy" tomato.  

Did you know that tomatoes are serious business in East Tennessee?  They are.  Don't let anyone ever tell you different.

Peppers, squash, cukes and our neighboring city's "33rd Anniversary Farmer's Market" cookbook.

Do you like jalapenos?  If so, try my jalapenos on the half shell recipe and let me know how you liked it.  This is the best time to try it when you can get fresh jalapeƱos.  We grow our own but sometimes we need more because we eat so many.

The hubster grows a lot veggies during the summer.  Other than his garden, the bulk of our groceries are purchased at farmer's markets and produce stands.

It think this furry boy is supposed to be guarding those tomatoes.  On second thought, maybe he is just waiting for a special little kiddo to come give him a rub.

We enjoy live music while we shop and visit.  There are also vendors selling fresh goat cheese,  homemade sauces, gourmet hot dogs, craft items and much more.

I have eaten from farmer's market's for more years than I care to remember - I am getting so old, people.  Florida, California, North Carolina and Washington state to name a few.

I took this pic in San Francisco at their fruit market.  "Dipping" is a must.

Of all the farmer's markets I have visited, Vancouver, Washington is my favorite.  Check out their facebook page to see their huge market.  It was so big, it took us about two hours to see it all.  

We visited in the midst of "berry" season.  Marion berries, strawberries and raspberries like I have never tasted before.  The magic is in the soil.

We purchased four of these cartons and ate them while we shopped.   Yes, we ate all four cartons.

Our local farmer's market added something special this year with the addition of "The Garden Wenches" along with a few other new vendors.  I don't think a farmer's market can ever have "enough" vendors. 

Variety is the spice of life, you know.

Guess what?  Tomorrow is Saturday.  

Are you going to meet me at the farmer's market?

I hope to see you there.


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