Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Observations - "Friends"

Facebook happened.   It was and is a good thing. Seriously.  I still believe this.  Really.  

At the end of the day, I love facebook.

If you want to share with all of your friends and family that your dog just ate an entire bag of white chocolate truffles including the plastic wrappers, well it’s a good thing.

No more texts, emails or phone calls.  Just post it on facebook and

all of your friends & family are instantly updated about the dog, the truffles, the forced barfing and the actual barf itself.

Then... YOU wanted more friends.  Like 958 friends.  Srsly. You did. I know.  Don't lie.

You got them. 

You are now friends with your boss and three ex-bosses from your past life.

The pastor at your church, his current wife and his ex-wife.

The manager at the gym who is obsessed with his six-pack and his guns and you weigh in at 200.

The strange lady you met at Walmart who had trouble finding the milk section.

The police officer that lives down the street who still drives a 1974 ford falcon and gives you a mean look every time you see him.

The high school people that you never liked and who didn’t like you.

Your first ex-husband, his mother and another ex-mother-in-law.

Your hairdresser and nail tech along with all the ex-hairdressers and nail techs.

The people you work with including the strange girl who eats fish sticks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That creepy guy who lives on the next street over and walks his cat by your house.

Your 1st grade teacher who is now your lawn boy.

The teenager next door who has been suspended from school.  

Yep. You got "friends."

You also got drama.  Lots and lots of D-R-A-M-A.

You should totally write a book on your life's drama because you are living it "all the way," baby.

And you wonder why.  Really?

Facebook is now useless.  Srsly.  But you are popular.  YOU have 958 friends.  AMAZING.  

At the end of the day, it is only your friends and family who love you and care about your life. 


Let the others go and enjoy those who love you for you.  Really.

It’s not so annoying that way.

Clean up your facebook friends.  

I feel better now.

How many "friends" do you have?

You can tell me.  We are all "friends" here, right?



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