Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Blonde, Vodka and a Cake

Friends and family occasionally stop by while I am decorating a fondant covered cake. 

There is always a bottle of cheap vodka sitting on the counter. 

They always ask if I drink vodka while decorating cakes.  I explain to them that no, I do not drink vodka but I use the vodka to clean up any smudges, etc., on the fondant. 

Vodka mixed with food color also makes fondant paint.   I truly believe that they believe that I really do drink vodka on the job. 

I don’t but now that I am thinking about it maybe I should start. 

I wouldn’t get so stressed out all for the sake of THE CAKE.

My Blondie friend was one of those whom asked the vodka question and I gave her my standard answer. 

This past weekend she hosted an 80th birthday party for her father. 

Later, Blondie called me and was so excited.  She told me she used my “vodka icing technique” on her cake.  She said it worked perfectly, the cake looked marvelous and she got lots of complements on it.  She also said she credited me for her success.  

I was shocked and ask, “What vodka icing technique?"  She said, “You know the one where you get the icing really smooth?”   I said, “NO, I don’t know about that.”  I couldn’t wait to hear her story.

She used (I can’t believe I have to say this) but she used….ummmm….ooooooohhhh….okay, “CANNED” chocolate icing on her cake.  I really should give that girl a decent buttercream recipe.

Blondie then proceeded to tell me that she poured her sister’s expensive vodka on her hands and then smoothed the buttercream cake. 

I was cracking up laughing at this point.  Blondie wasn’t laughing. 

She thought she was brilliant.

She said she used about a half bottle of vodka and because she used so much, it was dripping off the cake. 

Blondie got a ton of the complements on the cake. 

Then I saw the photo of the cake.  I was TOTALLY impressed.  The cake was beautiful and very smooth. 

So then I ask her, “Did you drink vodka while you decorated your cake?”   

She said, “No.”

I just have a feeling  .....that she finished the remaining half bottle.

Have you had any "good" buttercream lately?  

Learn to make it.  It will change your life.

Check out my "Naked Ladies Rule" post here.  I think she was a blond also.  So am I.  

Thanks for stopping by.....



  1. That's too funny! I use Everclear (Pure Grain Alcohol, 190-proof) to paint on my cakes. And I buy it in the huge 1/2 gallon bottles. The people at the liquor store always give me the weirdest looks and I have had friends/customers stop by the bakery and see the bottle and ask what I'm up to!

  2. Too funny, Jenniffer! I go in and ask for the cheapest bottle of vodka. I get funny looks too :)