Sunday, April 14, 2013

Springtime Baby Blossoms

Spring had to duke it out with Winter this year.  Winter was relentless.

Would. Not. Give. It. Up.

Just last week it was April.


This week the temps have been in the 70's and a lot has happened outside like, right now.

Flowers are blooming but the trees are still bare. 

Cra---raz----zy baby!

Winter just got mean this year.

The little sweet baby Spring blossoms reminds me of a sweet little cupcake.   I know, only my messed up but "sweet" mind is able to connect the dots on that one.  But...they really DO connect.

Just "imagine" really hard and you will see...

You will see sweet little Spring blossoms and sweet little cupcakes that are like totally out of this world moist and chocolaty with some chocolate ganache on the inside and some major vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream on the outside and underneath that vanilla buttercream there is peanut butter buttercream that taste like peanut butter fudge and on top of the vanilla buttercream are drizzles of dark chocolate ganache and on top of that sinfully glossy dark chocolate ganache there is a sweet little cherry.

WHOA.  And yes, these were MAJOR good.

I got it out of my system now.  Moving on .... to all the little sweet blossoms.

Baby bradford pear blossoms.

Creeping phlox is up and out.

Candy tuff is blooming underneath the cherry tree but the cherry tree is still bare.
I just don't get it.  

Grape hyacinth is in full bloom.

A lone wolf daffodil.

The sassy daffodil girl's.

 Baby foliage.

 Brown stuff still hanging around.
See how Winter is refusing to let go?  I am not lying people.

Baby Japanese maple leaves unfolding.  So sweet and cute.

Sugar maple tree blossoms.  The most beautiful tree Fall has to offer.  
I hope Summer and Fall doesn't have a conflict this year.

We call this flower a weed.  I am sure God designed it as a flower.
We messed it up.  I think they are beautiful.

Beautiful tulips in bloom.  They just don't last long enough.

Sweet babies.  Reminds me of candy.  Lots of my thoughts involve "the sweet."
Can you tell?

Above the beautiful tulips were bare trees. Crazy.

The weeping cherry blossoms.  These get your attention.
These were beside the bare trees.

Baby dogwood blossoms.  So sweet.  So cute.

A lone dandilion.  Another one that I am just sure God intended as a flower.  
We consider it a weed.  I think they are beautiful.  
...and fun to blow!

Buttercups.  Beautiful flower.  Beautiful weed.  

Green grass on the mountain but lots of brown.
It. Is. April.
We need green.  And NOT money for a change.

Tiny little leaves are trying to sprout.

Warm weather with a little rain mixed in will wake everything up.
It will be raining in a few days.  Things will happen.  

Let's do this Spring thing.

Like, right now.

Goodbye Winter.  See you back in a few months.

Have you walked outside and looked around.  
Just do it.  
Spring is here.

I'm smiling :)


Oh yeah, and what about those cupcakes?  

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