Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obsession Yard Sale

It is no secret to anyone that the hubster and I are avid yard salers.  Come Saturday morning, we are armed with our yard sale menu and out the door by 8 a.m. at the latest.  We have breakfast around 10ish and swing by the farmer’s market but yard saling is the main attraction.  It is sort of like a date morning instead of a date night.  “Going” is not an option.  I will go.  He will go.  WE will go unless we are in bed deathly ill or someone is dead.

When we married I had “dabbled” in yard saling.  I didn’t know it was dabbling until I introduced it to the hubster.  With him, it took.  It took with a vengeance.  His vengeance rubbed off on me.  In the past if I happened to be out Saturday mid morning and I saw a yard sale, I would stop and check it out.  I thought that was a big deal but it wasn’t.    Not without a menu.  A plan.  An alarm set for Saturday morning.  The car gassed up and ready to go.  A review of the menu.  Conversation.  Weather concerns.  Yeah, when the hubster got involved it got BIG.  Really BIG.

Now it is a given.  Saturday morning.  Game on.

Some Saturday’s are better than others.  Sometimes we go out and hit the jack pot.  Sometimes it starts out bad and stays bad.  We should go home when this happens but we can’t.  It is in our blood.  We can’t NOT do it.

Normally we leave by 8 and don’t get home until lunch.  We go hard and we don’t stop.  When we get home we are tired and need some major rest.  We place our finds on the dining room table so we can admire our kill for a day or two.  We are happy when we have success.  We are happy we when don’t have success.  That is just the way it is.

Last Saturday was an awesomely good day for me.  The hubster…well, not so good.  This post is what a good yard sale day looks like.  One day, I will show you what a not-so-good yard sale is all about.

First stop I hit the jackpot with jewelry.  The green earrings are genuine stones, 12.00.  The green ring and purple sparkle earrings were 5.00 each.  Total 17.00 for some nice looking jewels!

Oil & Vinegar bottles brand new in the box.  $1.00.  I am going to use these for vinegar only – one for white vinegar and one for apple cider vinegar. 

Vacuum bags - .25 cents.  There were only 2 bags in the package but .25 was a lot better than buying a package at full price - for what, $5?

Fall leaf dish, $2.00 and Silpat, .25 CENTS.  Yes, all you bakers out there, you read that correctly!  TWENTY FIVE CENTS FOR A SILPAT!  The hubster actually purchased this and told me about it once we got back in the car.  He described it as a sticky mat that he could use for cleaning his various tools.  I didn’t think anything about it until the next stop.  He was so excited about his treasure that he opened the trunk just to show it to me.  When I saw it I freaked out with excitement!  I had wanted one of these but they are so expensive.  I looked at one the day before at Williams Sonoma and it was 24.95.  The hubster paid .25 CENTS and you can see it had probably never been used.  Unfortunately, for the hubster, he is no longer the owner of the Silpat.

Beautiful, rustic, yellow and terra-cotta colored serving platter - .25 CENTS!  The original price tag of $15.95 is on still on the back of the plate.   I am not a collector of plates but love beautiful things.  This one will look great with a chocolate dessert sitting on it!  The brand name is Le Cadeaux for the plate collectors out there.

Sigrid Olsen skirt - .50 CENTS!

Nautica Rug - .50 CENTS!  You can never have too many rugs when you are the mommy of furry boyz

Three yards of 100% cotton, purple fabric - $1.00.  Since I have purple walls in my house, a purple velvet loveseat in my kitchen and purple is the most beautiful color in the world…I couldn’t resist.  Not sure what the fabric will become in the future but it will be something beautiful when it grows up.

Hand crocheted shawl - $1.00!  I was shocked at the price of this shawl.  This is absolutely beautiful.  No flaws or stains and in excellent condition.  I suspect the lady from whom I purchased it had received it as a gift and did not like it.  I happily took it off her hands and it will definitely been keeping me a little warmer this Winter.

A felted tote bag - .50 CENTS.  This came from Hobby Lobby and still has the tags.  I use these for gift bags – special occasions and also Christmas. They cost less and they can be recycled.  Some lucky soul will be receiving this bad boy!

Cast iron cornstick pans and skillet - $3.00!  This could also be the deal of the day.  The cornstick pan is approx. $19.00 new and you won’t find them for a lot less at estate sales.  I saw these same pans at an estate sale a few weeks ago and they were $15.00 each.  The cast iron skillet is approx. 6”.  I plan on doing another post on southern corn bread.  I can’t wait to use these pans.

Ceramic Vase - $6.00. 

Cool little basket - $1.00 and paper roses - .10 CENTS!

End of the cool stuff - what do you think?  I think I did well.  The total for the day was $34.35.  The big ticket items were the jewelry and the vase which totaled $23.00.  Without those items, the total for the day would have only been $11.35.  I would have been unable to buy the Silpat or the 1 cast iron cornstick pan for that.  Overall it was a great day.

What your best yard sale find?

Until we meet again, go do something CRAZY!

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