Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Sidewalk

I walk my boyz (“dogs” if you are a friend I have yet to meet) on the sidewalk almost every day. We encounter lots of people on the sidewalk, with the exception of the Winter months. Most people are weenies and don’t get out much during the cold weather. We do. Today it was 33 degrees.

Today we passed only one other person. A lone lady runner.

A few weeks back we passed a group of runners. The boyz and I stepped off the sidewalk as we normally do so the runner’s stride would not be interrupted. I understand this because I used to run back in the day. I hated to stop.

They passed by without a “thank you” or any hint of a smile – just like always.

On that day, I decided that I would “never” step off the sidewalk for runners again. My thoughts got ugly as I concluded what an arrogant bunch they are.

As we were walking along today the lone lady runner was approaching. The boyz and I moved to the side of the sidewalk but we did not step off.

My thoughts returned to the same ugliness of a few weeks ago.

Then to my surprise, the lady runner said, “Thank you” AND smiled as she passed by.

I was shocked. I may have shot off a smile but to be honest, I can’t remember. I know I didn’t say, “You’re welcomed.”


God came along a few minutes later and simply said, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

I just smiled. I knew He was right.

Once my heart was back on the right side of the track, or sidewalk, I decided that in future the boyz and I will always step off the sidewalk and smile at the runners.

I can’t control what others do. I can only control myself - with lots of help from God.

Thank you God for your gentle reminder today and the major attitude adjustment.


Ref: Luke 6:31


  1. I think we all could use an attitude adjustment on a daily basis.

  2. Sometimes the attitude adjustments are easy and sometimes they are very difficult.

    1. I would say that most of my "attitude adjustments" have been along the "difficult" line! The Sidewalk may have been the easiest one of all.

  3. I hate those attitude adjustments!!! BCM