Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Day Happy Day

I made this little cake.  It is called a "Happy Cake." White cake batter, some colorful jimmies and a splash of cream.  This little cake is 3 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling and only 6" round.  I hand painted the grass to match the grass under the daisies.  The little daisies at the bottom of the cake represent something very special.  It is a sweet little thing, don't you think?

I love purple and turquoise, do you?  
I made a few cupcakes to match.  

Lots of daisies.

I made a few "She put the Lime in the Coconut" cupcakes too.
Variety is always a good thing.

 Pretty flowers always makes cupcakes look more beautiful.  They really do.

Lots of cupcakes.

"Happy Cake"

"She put the Lime in the Coconut"

Then everything got really big and really beautiful.  The cake was just a tiny thing.

And then we saw the Bride....WOW!

Lots of sweetness.  Cuteness.

The beginning of "Happily Every After."

A beautiful bride.  A beautiful cake.

Cake last only a short time.  Enjoy it while you can.
Marriage last forever.  Nurture it along.
Remain best friends like, FOREVER.

Even sweetness can get mean sometimes.  But when smiles are involved it isn't so bad.

Looks like "she" is the one who got a little mean, doesn't it?

It is almost time for the "...and they lived happily ever after."  

But wait....

I almost forgot....those three little tiny daisies on the cake.  
They represent my prediction of the number of babies this sweet couple will have.  
The purple is the girl and the blue are the boys.  
Yes, I make predictions.  
Crazy, right?  
It happens.

Let the "Happily Ever After" begin now."

I will let you know how my prediction works out.  
Thanks for stopping by.....
have you done any major love stuff today?
You should.  It's cool.


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