Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Big Fat Blury Mess

"A Pair of Diamonds"  My little niece and I.
I lived most of 2001 in a blur.  I was informed about the HCV virus in the late 90’s after St. Jude Hospital called me.  They had tested some of my old blood specimens from 1975 when I was diagnosed with AML leukemia.  The HCV virus was alive and living inside of me.  I did not like receiving this news.

I tried waiting it out in hopes of a better treatment but the FDA was just too dang slow.  

They started getting on my nerves.   

Finally, in March 2001, I gave in and I started Rebetron.  I was ready to put this behind me and move on down the road.  I didn’t realize I would literally be moving “on up the road” later that year.

I chose the "road less traveled"
Not long after I started Rebetron, my relationship close.  Another story.  Another time.  Another blur.

A few months earlier there had been changes at my company.  Both of my wonderful bosses retired.  

Not long after they retired, things went downhill fast - for the company and for me.  I began to hate my job - the job I had loved for so many years.  

It was time to do something else, somewhere else.

In order to make it through the last days I devised a plan.  I would read one of my favorite Bible verses before I walk in the door each morning and force myself to do what it says for the day.  This helped tremendously but by no means made my work life a happy place.

I had counseled unhappy employees that “the job is what it is.” I would tell them that work situations rarely change and if they can’t live with “the way it is,” it is best to move on than to live life with constant complaining and unhappiness.  

I found myself in a position where I had to take my own advice.   I did. 

I turned 40 that year.  I bought myself a really cool diamond ring to celebrate my “40 mid life crisis.”   I started preparing my house for the market while still taking the Rebetron.  I was unable to do much at once because of the side-effects of the rebetron.  I had to sleep/rest about 12-14 hours a day.  It is amazing how doing "just a little bit" everyday adds up so quickly.  I was on the market by July.  

One month later...contract….check.  Closing date set….check.  Packing…check.  Notice of resignation…check, check, check…yes, yes, yes!

The thoughts of leaving Orlando were huge.  I had always loved Orlando and never dreamed I would ever leave.

My first thoughts of moving out of state were overwhelming.  I had lived in the same 3-bedroom house for 16 years.  It was full of lots of stuff.  Each piece of stuff had to be given away, sold, or moved.  

During one of my “I can’t do this” periods, my dad told me that moving out of state was no big deal. He said, “just put your stuff in a truck and move it.”  Somehow his simple words carried me through my massive adventure.

So it seemed as quickly as it started, the blur ended and a new life was born.  If not for the blur, I would have never got to experience the beauty on the other side of it.  It was a difficult year but today I would re-live it for the same results.  It is just the way life rolls. 

My life improved greatly after the 2001 blur.  Had it not been for Rebetron I would have never wanted my mommy.  I have had the pleasure of being with my parents during their golden years.  I am thankful for two wonderful parents.

I started a new job just two months after the move.  I bought a wicked new house that December that overlooked the entire city with stunning views.  I owned vast land.  I named my new estate “Diamond Rock” after my new diamond ring.  That next May, I met the hubster.

My little friend in my new back yard.
"Diamond Rock" in the Fall
If my wonderful bosses had not retired, I would have never left my job.  I loved that job more than I probably should have.

If I would have stayed in the relationship with Mr. H...well let's just say..."I am thankful that God saved me from that "potential disaster."

I also had the pleasure of watching my 3-year-old niece grow up.  I taught her to love shoes, the color purple and that being “crazy” is a heck of a lot of fun.  I am thankful for my family.

This is a new day.  This blur has ended.  Another one is on the horizon.  I can feel it.

It is just the way it is.

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